Elan Summer Lawn Shalwar Kameez Collection 2017

Elan Summer Lawn Shalwar Kameez are always luxury in style and different from other brands let’s have a look at this beautiful dresses collection and find the perfect dress for your summer wearing.

Elan is known as the luxury brand in Pakistan they will not have many collections for summer so you have to buy fast before the stock finishes.Elan was established as the luxury brand before concentrating on summer lawn they were focused towards bridal party wear and formal dresses in other fabrics.

Just some time ago they decided to launch summer lawn by seeing the increase in demand of lawn fabrics so brand decided to launch their luxury clothing in lawn fabrics too so women can wear luxury dresses throughout the summer season also.

Elan Summer Lawn Shalwar KameezElan Summer Lawn Shalwar Kameez Collection 2017

This shalwar kameez collection is in 3 pcs all dresses are suitable for the events and social gatherings Ramdan is also near you can wear these dresses while going to Aftaar parties or on some family get to gathers.

As we mentioned Elan is known as the luxury brand but by launching lawn they have entered into the casual market because the lawn is known as the casual fabric.But some brands are using it in their formal dresses most of them are semi-formal.

These Elan dresses are semi-formal type they are not completely casual although they are meant to be worn in everyday wearing in your casual routine but because of festive events are nearby designers wanted you to wear these classic shalwar kameez modern designs.

Yes! designs are classic with the modern touch with beautiful embroidery that Elan is famous for they have to make a mark in the market as a unique brand in terms of design.By wearing these dresses not only you will look stylish you are also adding style in your personality.

Because Elan is a big name and everyone can not afford dresses from Elan so here is a great chance to wear this prestigious brand dresses which are available at cheaper prices because of the lawn fabrics.

So let’s have a view at the Elan Summer Lawn Shalwar Kameez Collection from the following image gallery and then you can decide which dress you are going to buy.You can always order online from Elan official website or find the stores near you and by the original Elan, the collection doesn’t go for replicas.

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