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Eid Ul Fitr Traditional Collection For Men and Woman By Yellow 2017

Eid Ul Fitr Traditional Collection is launched by a brand who is known for western style clothing “Yellow” but because of the festive season, they have launched kurtis and kurta.

Launched in 2009 as a western clothing brand which initially launched casual pant, shirts, and Kurtis for a woman but later on Yellow started launching completely traditional collections consisting of kurta shalwar for men and Kurtis tights for the woman.

Yellow collections are for both men and woman because they include dress types for both sexes in different styles and designs.Because of the festive occasions, Yellow have now introduced festive season traditional dresses which you will love to wear this Eid.

Eid Ul Fitr Traditional CollectionEid Ul Fitr Traditional Collection For Men and Woman By Yellow 2017

Every year wide range of seasonal and festive season dresses are launched by Yellow for the complete family which will include kids dresses also but this time they haven’t included outfits for kids whereas if you see collections like Edenrobe Eid Family Collection you will see dresses for the complete family.

But Yellow is only concentrating on the young boys and girls who likes to wear different colors and prints all the fashion needs and taste will be seen in Eid Ul Fitr Traditional Collection.

Men Dress Designs Features

Eid Ul Fitr Traditional Collection For Men and Woman By Yellow 2017

  • Plain kurtas with pajamas
  • Embroidered neck kurtas with shalwars
  • Embroidered neckline
  • Dyed color kurtas

The men dress included in Eid Ul Fitr Traditional Collection of Yellow have the colors of summer with light and darker both mixed choices are available for every fashionista to choose kurtas according to their color taste and design.

All the kurtas are with plain white shalwars only some of them have same color shalwars otherwise whether you choose a maroon or yellow kurta you will get a white shalwar with it.But it’s not necessary to wear these as shown you can wear them as you want.

Women Dress Designs FeaturesEid Ul Fitr Traditional Collection For Men and Woman By Yellow 2017

  • Colorful embroidered dresses
  • Waistcoat style upper on kurtis
  • Embroidered patterns on sleeves and bottom of the shirts
  • Grara and flapper style flare trousers
  • Small jackets on dresses
  • Net dupattas
  • Open jacket shirts

As we can see from the woman features there are more dress designs then men which obviously because woman are more conscious about their style whereas traditional fashion for men does not have much to talk about except for the kurta shalwar.

It’s a complete package for girls and boys if you are looking for comfy colorful exciting designs then consider Eid Ul Fitr Traditional Collection when going to shop for Eid.

Let’s see the Eid Ul Fitr Traditional Collection and find out which dress is best for you to show your style on this Eid Ul Fitr.


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