Eid Ul Azha Men Kurta Shalwar By Rivaj 2015-16

Eid ul Azha men kurta shalwar collection is the elegant traditional dress collection for boys launched by Rivaj fabrics for this Eid.See the complete kurta collection in the gallery below.

Wearing a kurta on festive events like Eid is the tradition in Pakistan.All boys love to wear kurta on Eid as the festive event is near.All the boys must be in search for some new designs of kurta shalwar.

black kurta on eid

Here I have some beautiful designs of eid ul azha men kurta shalwar for you designed by Rivaj fabrics.Most of these are plain kurtas which have some neck and shirt border designs.

Kurta Designs For Eid 

brown kurta

The button area of the kurtas have beautiful art work that goes up to neck to make the perfect design for your shirt.These festive kurtas are inducted that isn’t fashionable work, with some first rate kind of embroidery work, with based of this category of adornment work.

Eid Ul Azha Kurta With Shalwar 

These Eid-ul-Azha dresses for boys are simply the appropriate one and unusual one in general protected one colored colors of white, grey, brown, light green and if you happen to’re different forms of decent blinds.

light colored kurta

This collection is for men of every age no matter you are a teen age boy are a married person these design suits best on your personality. This assortment includes new stitching patterns kurta shalwar clothes with exquisite color blend.Rivaj’s new colleciton of eid ul azha men kurta shalwar has been launched just recently for elegant boys.

Pakistani Traditional Wear For Men

Eid Ul Azha Men Kurta Shalwar By Rivaj 2015-16

Some notable Pakistani celebrities can be seen in the images.Faisal Qureshi and likewise Shahzad Noor and Zia have worn these clothes and they carried out modeling for this assortment. If you’ll be having a design in detail of this collection you’ll due to this fact be able to investigate that Semi Stitched.

Available at present of conventional and cultural suits to be capable to watching do away with and instead effective.Check every image in this collection to have the idea about the dress designs offered by the designer.Which kurta you like? comment on your favorite one.

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