5 Eid Hairstyle Ideas Every Girl Should Try This Festive Season 2017

Eid Hairstyle Ideas are so many you just have to pick the right one which is according to your face and dress type scroll down to see all the ideas that we have selected for you.

A hairstyle is something that can change the overall look of your face and your styling it will depend on your dress types also.We have selected modern designs that will help girls while doing their hairs in right proper fashionable manner.

Eid fashion includes dresses, makeup, footwear and mehndi designs these are Eid essentials that girls are eagerly searching for latest trends.

Today we have got some nice Eid Hairstyle Ideas which will help you to achieve the ideal stylish look you wanted to have for this festive occasion.

Eid Hairstyle Ideas

These hairstyles ideas are for both short haired and long haired girls depending on the style you can have it on your hairs according to your hair types.

Wavy Hairstyles

Eid Hairstyle Ideas Every Girl Should Try This Festive Season 2017

Wavy hairstyle is easy and works great with traditional dresses that is why it is worn more than any other hairstyle because of its stylish look and easy to do.It will take just minutes to try you don’t have to be expert to try different combinations of wavy hairstyles.

Plenty of combinations can be tried out using waves you can have beach waves which are more simpler or try out the side swept waves all will look great with traditional Eid dresses.


Eid Hairstyle Ideas Every Girl Should Try This Festive Season 2017

Updo’s are great for summer season because they will not disturb you even if you have sweat in your hairs.This year both Eid ul-Fitr and Eid Ul Azha is in the heart of summer season so it is best to try out this hair trend.

It also looks perfect with traditional Eid dresses and it is also best to try when you had short hairs.There are many combinations that you can try using Updos.

Pony Tail Hair Ideas

Eid Hairstyle Ideas Every Girl Should Try This Festive Season 2017

Ponytails are one of the simplest hairstyles which if styled properly will look great on any event.There are many different combinations of ponytails which are:

  • High ponytail
  • Low ponytail
  • Braided ponytail

These are some of the common ponytail hairstyles you can have for this festive season these are not hard to try you will need to just make a ponytail and hold it together using bobby pins or a hair band it is best for teens.

Braided Hairstyle

Eid Hairstyle Ideas Every Girl Should Try This Festive Season 2017

Braided hairs are one of the common hairstyles of western girls which they try on special occasions like weddings and festive occasions.This trend is not much seen in Pakistan but some girls have tried it and it looks fabulous with traditional dresses because of its unique style.

It will take some time to make the braids if you don’t know how to do it then you can go to a hair expert who can do the job for you.

Different combinations of braids can be done by combining other hair trends like:

  • Pont Tail Braids
  • Curls & Braids
  • Light Braids with straight hairs
  • Braids updos
  • High Braids
  • Low Braids
  • Fishtail Braids

Plenty of more ideas are available it will depend on you or your stylist creativity how you wanted them.

Curls Hair Trend

Eid Hairstyle Ideas Every Girl Should Try This Festive Season 2017

Some girls are blessed with natural curls but don’t worry if you don’t have them you can make them on special occasions like wedding and Eid by using iron rods which are specially designed to make the curly hairstyles.

This hairstyle works great with traditional dresses no matter which type of dress you are wearing whether it’s a lehenga, shalwar kameez or some other dress form this hairstyle will make you chic during this festive season.

These are 5 of the best Eid Hairstyle Ideas you should try this festive season we will be sharing tutorials of these hairs later this week stay tuned for that till then read about Hair Tutorials For Long Haired Woman.

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