Edenrobe Traditional Eid Collection For The Complete Family 2017

Edenrobe Traditional Eid Collection is for your complete family so you don’t have to go anywhere else you can shop for the complete family under one roof.

Edenrobe is a complete brand having traditional and western style collections for men, woman, and children for every occasion.Ranging from casual to semi-formal, formal and festive season designs which will add more beauty to your dressing and styling.

The success of Edenrobe lies in their designs and ready to wear dresses which are available all over Pakistan at economical prices.

Edenrobe have recently launched nice collections for the woman but when it comes to the festive season they are one of the first and the only brand who launches collection for the complete family.

Following the last year trend when they launched Eid Family Collection which had exciting colorful designs this time more variety can be seen in Edenrobe Traditional Eid Collection which is launched recently.

Edenrobe Traditional Eid Collection

When it comes to Eid every brand tries to produce something that is traditional or close to traditional because buyers are more looking for the traditional dresses then the western styles.But there are some brands who think out of the box and launches collection having both characteristics western style and traditional Eastern art like you have seen in Anaya Eid Luxury Lawn and Crimson Eid Lawn.

But that is the woman men dressing does not need to be mixed either it should be western or eastern because simple shalwar kameez patterns are more chosen over the funky color designs.

Men Kurtas In Edenrobe Traditional Eid Collection

Kurta Shalwar is the most chosen festive dresses for men especially on Eid depending on the season boys go for the colorful kurtas which have minimum embroidery around the neckline or buttons area.

Some brands offer waistcoats to add more charm and style to your kurta shalwar dress which is available in this EdenRobe collection too.

Edenrobe Traditional Eid Collection For The Complete Family 2017

Kids Eid Wear in Edenrobe Traditional Eid Collection

Kids dresses available in Edenrobe Traditional Eid Collection are mixed some designs are western styles while some are kurta shalwar for boys.Choices are so many you can find the perfect dress to make your child stylish on this Eid Ul Fitr.

Edenrobe Traditional Eid Collection For The Complete Family 2017

As you can see above designs are colorful and available in different variety so you can choose the perfect dress for your child some dresses are matched with adult Eid dresses.

Women Eid Wear In Edenrobe Traditional Eid Collection

Brands always produce something special when it comes to a woman dressing there will be more choices more colors and prints to choose because a woman is more conscious about her styling.Recently we showed you Eid Ul Fitr Traditional Collection which had versatile dresses for girls combining vintage style dresses with modern designs.

But this Edenrobe collection has the dress category of kurtis and shalwar kameez dresses in embroidered patterns brand have not included any fancy prints or designs.

Edenrobe Traditional Eid Collection For The Complete Family 2017

Variety is available in designs and patterns as you can see a different type of embroidery work is done on every dress which are in sleek simple delicate designs.You can wear these dresses anywhere you like even after Eid on different occasions because of the dress quality and designs.

Edenrobe has emerged as the big brand who is producing collections for everyone in recent years they do not have a history to talk about like you usually associate with the huge textile brands.But they are definitely competing with them because of their designs and ability to produce ready to wear dresses at the right time.

One more interesting thing Edenrobe is doing that they are producing Eid collections for the complete family since last year.Now you don’t have to waste your time to go and find dresses at different places they are providing everything under one roof which is cost effective also.

The outlets of Edenrobe are in all major cities still if you are living in some remote area and can’t find their collections then you can visit their Facebook page and visit these dresses online.

Features of Edenrobe Traditional Eid Collection

  • Comfortable fabrics in the form of cotton and lawn
  • Plain and embroidered designs with waistcoats for men
  • Embroidered kurtis in different colors with tights and trousers
  • Cute kids dresses in both western and eastern style
  • High-quality fabrics used all over
  • Colors of summer used
  • Can be worn with any footwear of your choice

Edenrobe Traditional Eid Collection For The Complete Family 2017

Simple stylish and unique that is what we can say about this Edenrobe collection these dresses shows the simplicity in style.They have not included fancy and luxury dresses to cut the cost so every common person can wear stylish and trendy dresses which are available at affordable prices.

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