Dreamy Desires Eid Luxury Dresses By Zarqash 2016

Dreamy Desires Eid Luxury Dresses are elegant glamorous traditional Eid party wear dresses for modern women check out all the designs that have been launched under this collection.

Zarqash brand have launched Dreamy Desires which is the combination of different fabrics like silk and chiffon with different art work of glamorous category.This festive season one of the best luxury dress designer brand have launched modern beautiful collection that have sheer elegance and style that will suit your personality.

Every brand is doing hard to produce something special for the Eid Ul Fitr Zarqash have done the same thing they have shown their innovative ideas in these luxury Eid dresses.Inspirations behind these dresses is free spirit of women and style and art that every women love.

Dreamy Desires Eid Luxury Dresses

Subtle light shades with bright colors and prints will attract everyone towards you this collection is more suitable for teens and young women because they like these types of prints and designs.As the name suggests which is inspired from the poetic verses its desire of women to show up the style and become the style icon of your dreams.

Every dress is unique and have done with great detailed work mostly done by hand you can see front and back side of the shirts and dresses all are in different prints.Trousers are plain but have some designs in their lower parts these dresses will make you chic any day.

Length of the shirts are not much longer these are around and above the knee with sleeveless and with sleeves designs.Some shirts are with pearl buttons which is also a luxury element duppatas of this collection are further design that you have seen on the shirts it goes to end at duppata where its in full form.

Dreamy Desires Eid Luxury Dresses

Price of this collection is higher above 10,000 rupees because of high quality fabrics and art work you are seeing on the dresses.Words can’t describe these dresses you have to check complete Dreamy Desires Eid Luxury Dresses gallery and look for designs that best describes your personality.

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