Cross Stitch Winter Formal Dresses Fancy Collection 2016-17

Cross Stitch Winter Formal Dresses are one of the most attractive and fancy traditional dress collection launched for this season you can wear them on wedding events too.

Cross Stitch have been working in Pakistan fashion scene from some time now and in their every new collection they are showing new designs with the modern cutting of shalwar kameez dress.These dresses cannot be categorized as shalwar kameez dresses because these are modern forms of them.

Cross Stitch is one of those brands that will not launch so many collections they will have some limited designs and collections but all will have high-quality fabrics and modern designs that are different from other brands.

Cross Stitch Winter Formal Dressescross-stitch-winter-formal-dresses-fancy-collection-2016-17-9

Formal dresses have many types and designs in Pakistan fashion industry because there are many dress forms available that designers can use some use old traditional designs mixed with modern artwork while some use completely new modern designs with beautiful embroidery prints.

This collection is available in 3 pcs with floral and another type of modern embroidery work that is looking attractive and eye catchy.Every dress is different in this collection they are named by the brand you can see their names mentioned on the dress pictures also.

Cross Stitch have been designing modern dresses for some time now and they have got a lot of success in this field this particular collection is specially launched for the winter events that includes weddings and social gatherings.cross-stitch-winter-formal-dresses-fancy-collection-2016-17-3

Some dresses are for younger girls while older women can wear them but try not to add more accessories because dresses are enough to give you the style you need.You can wear high heel shoes or any type of formal sandals that you have and are matching the colors of the dress.

This collection is available online and on retailers near you just look for the Cross Stitch Winter Formal Dresses new collection in shopping malls near you.

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