Combination Embroidered Dresses Riaz Arts Collection 2016

Combination Embroidered Dresses are presented by Riaz Arts who are behind the famous Charizma brand like the Charizma dresses this one is also in colorful embroidered forms that you will love.

From the makers of Charizma brand Riaz Arts have launched another collection with the new brand name Combinations.The dresses are of same quality but in much lower price rate the designs and embroidered work found on the kameez are bit different from their work on Charizma dresses.

This Combination Embroidered Dresses are for cold season wearing because these are made from very warm fabrics.Riaz has used delightful mixtures of cheerful wintry colors like Lemon, gray, purple, coffee, Navy Blue, Sea green, Off White, Maroon, Sky Blue, Zinc and crimson in this collection.

Embrodiered shalwar kameez dress

Combination Embroidered Dresses are embellished with eye-catching embroidered work on the entrance side of shirts and neckline, crystals and buttons has additionally brought on the neckline of shirts to make them stylish and superb so that you can wear within the events of this winter season.

Kameez and shawls of this collection has crafted in pleasant patterns of nature and spring art that you can wear in winter too.These prints has crafted with such abilities that every age group of women will look stylish.Riaz Arts is a reputation of inventive fashions designer in fashion industries of Pakistan.

Combination Embroidered Dresses Riaz Arts Collection 2016

They consistently presents splendid and placing clothes for women and ladies, presently they have offered many beautiful winter clothes in Combination Embroidered Dresses which make you classy in the gatherings of this season.

This collection has made with quite a lot of warm soft fabrics like Wool Peach, Pashmina and Linen, some clothes in this assortment has made with Linen materials which you can wear in spring season too the shawls of this Combination Embroidered Dresses collection is of Pashmina fabric.

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The price of Combination Embroidered Dresses is 3,500 rupees you can buy these from Riaz Arts outlets like their work on Charizma brand this collection will also become famous because of beautiful prints and designs that you will find on dresses.

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