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Barkha Crinkle Chiffon Summer Dresses Moon Textiles 2016

Barkha Crinkle Chiffon are casual shalwar kameez dresses that can be often worn on special occasions because of the designs that Moon Textiles have designed.

Moon Textiles is working in the industry from many years now but still they have not make marked on the fashion scene they are one of those brands which are still fighting for top place in the market.

Customers have mixed response about their dresses some like and some don’t still they are working hard to produce some high quality dresses recently they have launched summer end season dresses using crinkle chiffon.

Barkha Crinkle Chiffon Shalwar Kameez

Crinkle chiffon fabrics were used in spring season and now because autumn season is soon to start some places will be cloud covered and there will be rain around the country.So its again the time to wear chiffon and crinkle dresses because of the weather conditions.

Barkha Crinkle Chiffon

This collection have beautiful patterns of printed and embroidered patterns which can be seen on both front/back all colors are fresh and according to the summer end and autumn season.

Dresses are available in 3 pcs patterns of traditional clothing you can shop from the retailers or outlets of Moon textiles but if you can’t get these in area near you the order online from brands website or online store.

You can wear these dresses daily in your routine or wear them while going out somewhere because some designs are eye catchy and attractive that will make you chic during the event.Barkha Crinkle Chiffon Summer Dresses 2016

There will be lots of events some officials and in families and next big event is Bakra Eid so you have lots of events to enjoy with friends and family for all events you need some easy wearing dresses too that can be worn in day time or occasionally at night.

Barkha Crinkle Chiffon is available online on their website or you can always order online from their Facebook page have a look at all the designs below.

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