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Areeba Saleem Kurtis ZS Textiles Fall Collection 2017-18

Areeba Saleem Kurtis are launched by ZS textiles for the fall and mid cold season this collection has formal and semi-formal kurtis which young girls can wear on events.

ZS textiles one of the leading clothing textiles and brand in Pakistan launches so many collections for a season they have a strategy to launch collections at the start of the season and as you can feel the weather conditions are changing winter is slowly coming but still, there is some time left for the complete cold season.

Kurtis are considered as one of the casual clothing pieces which you can wear with jeans, trousers or shalwars but some designers and brands are using their creativity and fancy design work to design beautiful and event wearing kurtis they have taken this clothing piece to whole new level and now girls can wear it on events too.

This latest collection of ZS textiles is designed by Areeba Saleem and it has all the designs you need to wear casually or formally for the day or night events.

Areeba Saleem Kurtis

Areeba Saleem Kurtis ZS Textiles Fall Collection 2017-18

Areeba Saleem is a well-known designer for her creativity and design work she has now collaborated with ZS textiles to launch Areeba Saleem Kurtis which teens and young woman will love to wear because of the colors and design work.

The designer has included traditional simple designs with some glamorous look some designs are plain and some have the artwork to make it special for you.Colors and patterns are according to the season fabric quality are always superior from the house of ZS textiles.

ZS textiles have established themselves as a complete brand for the woman having a collection ranging from different categories and collaboration with different designers shows the versatility and creativity in their work.

This Areeba Saleem Kurtis collection are focused towards young woman and teens whether you have a college event to attend or have to go to some social gathering every clothing piece in this collection will enhance your style and beauty.

Classy color schemes and modern design patterns make this collection a must-have for the season because there will be so many events to attend during the fall-winter and the spring season.

Spring is the perfect time to wear kurtis but you can wear in fall season too in whichever way you prefer whether with jeans, trousers or shalwars this collection is shown with modern trousers you should consider this complete design.

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The price range of these dresses is around 2,075 rupees,  you can find these on ZS textiles outlets or shop online by logging on the website of ZS textiles.Let’s have a look at the complete album and see what type of versatility and designs are available in Areeba Saleem Kurtis collection.

Areeba Saleem Kurtis ZS Textiles Fall Collection 2017-18


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