Anaya Chiffon Eid Collection Festive Season Dresses 2017

Anaya Chiffon Eid Collection is a luxury Eid Ul Azha collection designed by Kiran Chaudhry to make woman comfy and stylish in these light luxury colors and fabrics.

Anaya Eid Luxury Lawn was launched on Eid Ul Fitr and it received an overwhelming response because of modern designs mixed with traditional patterns.

It was one of the best collections launched on Eid Ul Fitr and now for Eid Ul Azha Kiran Chaudhry is back with her new Anaya dresses designs this time it’s not lawn she has used chiffon.

Anaya Chiffon Eid CollectionAnaya Chiffon Eid Collection Festive Season Dresses 2017

Sometimes new designers launch their dresses but they couldn’t keep their market running by not launching the expected dresses and for this Eid, everyone was waiting what would be next from Anaya brand because we saw something promising and unique.

But Kiran Chaudhry has all the answers and she has answered everything by showing her latest Anaya Chiffon Eid Collection that is purely in light colors and luxury fabrics.

Anaya Chiffon Eid Collection doesn’t have many dresses just 8 exclusive luxury dresses are available which will make your Eid dressing more special.

Anaya Chiffon Eid Collection Dresses Available

  • Silver Pearl
  • Gilded Raven
  • Heritage Pride
  • Aqua Dreams
  • Honey Dew
  • Swan Song
  • Rose Blush
  • Black Luxury Dress

Dresses are available with unique names which describe their design and colors each dress is named after color and design so you can easily pick up your favorite dress that suits your personality.Anaya Chiffon Eid Collection Festive Season Dresses 2017

Anaya Chiffon Eid Collection Features

  • Embroidered net dupatta
  • Embroidered chiffon front side
  • Embroidered neckline front and back
  • Embroidered sleeves
  • Embroidered grara lace
  • Jacquard fabric used for trousers and grara’s

Anaya Chiffon Eid Collection is available in different sizes you can easily pick according to your lengths and measurements available at retail stores of Anaya and some other partners.If you can’t find them visit Anaya website and order your dresses from theirs.

Let’s have a look at the dress designs and find your favorite dress that you can wear on this Eid and on later events because of the designs these dresses can be easily worn on any formal event including wedding ceremonies.

Anaya Chiffon Eid Collection Festive Season Dresses 2017

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