Alizeh Summer Eid Collection ZS Textiles 2016

Alizeh Summer Eid Collection are colorful shalwar kameez dresses that you can wear in Ramadan and Eid days all dresses are trendy and according to latest fashion.

ZS textiles have launched yet another summer shalwar kameez collection this time its the festive collection for Eid Ul Fitr.This and upcoming weeks will be full of Eid collections of different trends and designs all are crafted in light weight fabrics making you chic and comfortable.

Some people start shopping of Eid in the starting of Ramadan and some will buy in the later days that’s why brands are all coming up with their latest work specifically for the Eid.All types of colors that are used in shalwar kameez dresses of the summer have been used in this collection.

Alizeh Summer Eid Collection ZS Textiles 2016

You will see light dark hues with some neutral shades some are with printed work while others have great embroidery on them.Suitable to be worn on night and day events these dresses may not look that much fancy to eyes but its a decent collection that is comfortable and affordable.

If you like to wear simple stylish and traditional designs then this collection is perfect for you otherwise there will be some more fancy and modern design collections round the corner.Sleeves of these dresses have different printed work while shirts are crafted with cultural art work.

Bottom area of the shirts have specific designs that is not seen on their previous collection duppatas of this collection are very light and printed with some designs that is matching with overall dress.This is just the start throughout the Ramadan you will be seeing more Eid collections based on different dress patterns.

Alizeh Summer Eid Collection ZS Textiles 2016

As we all know all the top brands will launch so many collections this has become trend from some years now Al Zohaib it self have launched some lawns like Alizeh Summer Eid Collection that you should look at first Anum Eid Lawn and Mahnoor Embroidered Lawn are some of the collections that are in demand now days.

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