25 Best Mehndi Designs To Try On This Eid 2015

These mehndi designs are for girls on this eid ul fitr or chand rat I have collected 25 of the best designs that you can copy on this festive night.

Now a day’s applying mehendi is turning into a region of trend wherever no reason is needed. several societies or school- faculties have started keeping mehandi coming up with competitions. This forms of events helps the children to showcase there creative thinking and enhance them more. beautiful mehndi styles are becoming widespread day-by-day as mehndi is one amongst the foremost vital parts to beautify a ladies or girls hands and feet.

Mehndi Designs For Teens 

Mehndi paste is sometimes unbroken for rest around 4-6 hours. several believe keeping it over night in order that it will provides a darker colorize short amount if time. it’s applied on the skin employing a plastic cone or a paint brush. when 15–20 minutes, the paste begins to dry and that they start to crack away, and through this point, a combination of juice and white sugar will be applied over the henna style to remoisten the mehendi paste in order that the henna still stain darker.  One will avoid this half by re-coating the planning once more with mehendi as sugar and lemon sirup makes the palms stickier making different doable issues.

Bridal Mehndi Art

The mehandi is worn 3 to 6 hours, or typically unbroken nightlong so removed by merely with the fingers. once 1st removed, the henna style is pale to dark orange in color and bit by bit darkens the color inside consecutive twenty four to seventy two hours. This final brown color will remain hands or feet from one to a few weeks counting on the standard and kind of henna paste applied.Mehndi is applied on hands, palms, legs and shoulder to beautify the body.

Different Types Of Mehndi 

As currently day’s mehndi designers are on the market like Arabic, Pakistani and Rajasthani, Marwari and lots of a lot of per their information of the art. All of them square measure named when geographies. although the styles would possibly look similar however solely with an in depth look one will establish the distinction within the styles. Like in Arabic vogue mehandi, styles square measure usually incorporates comprising huge floral motifs and doesn’t cowl the whole hand, however if you see Associate in Nursing Indian styles, they use smaller and finer floral motifs covering the whole hand.

Indian Mehndi Designs 

Indian styles conjointly usually embody animal drawings like elephant or a peacock.Traditional Indian mehndi styles square measure of representations of the sun on the palm, that usually includes flowers leafs or a circular motif, during this context, is meant to represent the hands and feet. Mehendi or Henna may be a paste that’s bought during a cone formed tube and is created into styles for men and girls.

Cone Mehndi For Women 

These cones will be ready reception by merely creating a paste of grounded dry henna together with water. many folks believe that storing it for extended time offers a lot of colors. thus when storing it for few hours or nightlong, pack it during a cone and cut the tip of this cone.Mehandi is extremely widespread issue within the regions of sub continent for a really long-standing and also the girls further as ladies use this on weddings or the other widespread event. In Hindu festivals, mehndi is sometimes drawn on the palm, back of the hand and on feet, primarily in those areas wherever the planning are going to be clearest attributable to distinction with the lighter skin on these surfaces.

Hand Foot Mehndi For Young Girls 

Mehendi may be a tiny native bush whose leaves square measure used for creating henna. In several rural areas individuals believe grinding the contemporary leaves intermediate the grinding stones together with some oil. although cities individuals primarily elect dried leaves and ground them into a paste. each the method of mehendi offers out a rusty-red pigment that finally turns to drak chocolate in color is appropriate for creating stunning patterns or styles on the palms and feet. Mehndi paste will be used on head hairs too because it works as a dye for colouring them giving them an additional condition and shiny look. One will feel the cooling property of the mehndi once applied in palms or feet and natural mehandi has no aspect effects on the skin.

Pictures Of Mehndi Designs On Eid Ul Fitr For Women 

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