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Subhata Winter Cambric Dresses Shariq Textiles Collection 2016-17

Subhata Winter Cambric Dresses was launched recently by Shariq Textiles in beautiful colors and patterns which can be worn casually and formally check out all the designs.

Shariq Textiles is back after their summer and autumn season clothing this is their first winter collection and we all know that they will not be stopping here there will be many winter collections in coming months.They have some signature collections which are updated season wise Subhata is one of them.

The fabric is cambric as you can expect its the winter season and brands will be using thick fabrics cambric may not be used in foggy and extremely cold days but it’s still one of the comfortable fabrics that are worn during these days.

Subhata Winter Cambric Dressessubhata-winter-cambric-dresses-shariq-textiles-collection-2016-17-7

Subhata is one of the stylish clothing series launched by Shariq Textiles every season still weather conditions are hot but it will change in few weeks.The Northern part of Pakistan is already colder now so women living in northern part can wear these dresses easily.

For the women who live in southern part of Pakistan, they may feel some uncomfortableness in the day time because it’s still hot out there but it changes at night.You can wear these dresses in day and night time too whether it’s a casual outing or some formal event these dresses are perfect for you.

All dresses are available in 3pcs with matching dupatta in patterns of shirts which are always seen during the winter days.Winter embroidery work is different from summer during the hot season you saw lots of floral and lightly embroidered patterns.subhata-winter-cambric-dresses-shariq-textiles-collection-2016-17-4

But in winter you will see lots of dark patterns in embroidery because of dark season people like wearing dark colors.Cutting work of dresses is different some are modern and some are traditional that are in fashion from many years.

Subhata Winter Cambric Dresses are available online on Shariq official website or you can find local stores in your city and buy these dresses.

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