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Silk Cotton Net Kameez Collection Mahwish & Farishtay 2016

Silk Cotton Net Kameez Collection is for the spring and summer season by Mahwish & Farishtay all the shirts are in beautiful embroidered patterns.

Fabulous stylish patterns have been introduced for the spring and summer season by the designers Mahwish & Farishtay this collection is known as Silk Cotton Net Kameez Collection as you can guess from the title of the collection.

Net and silk cotton fabrics are used net is used to make them lighter for the spring season otherwise silk can alone be used as the main fabric.Modern shirts patterns are used in printed and embroidery forms as you have seen in some of the other collections too.

Silk cotton net kameez collection

Single shirts are only available in this collection you have to buy pants,tights other then from these.Stylish botanic prints and flowery embroidered patterns are done carefully by the designers to not over due the design.Sometimes too much of something is also not necessary even simple design can make your look stylish.

That’s why designers have crafted all the designs in beautiful and simple designs but it does not mean these are casual shirts.You can wear these on casual occasions too but formal occasions can also be attended with these shirts.

You just have to find the perfect clothing combination with these shirts like you can wear jeans,tights or any other type of trouser that is matching with these kameez.Red,lemon pink,skin are the main colors you will see on these shirts that are widely used in the spring season on special occasions.

Silk cotton net kameez collection

In spring you still be having lots of weddings to attend these dresses can be worn on mehndi event.The price of these kameez are not much you can get a single shirt for 3,250 rupees from the stores or order online from brands website.

Make your events more special by wearing Silk Cotton Net Kameez Collection from the designers Mehwish & Farishtay.

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