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Morri Formal Wear Spring Collection 2016

Morri Formal Wear Spring Collection is known as seven steps to baltiyul these are the traditional wedding party wear and formal wear dresses that women can wear in the spring season check them below.

Morri is the new brand in the Pakistani fashion industry they have launched their first collection as Seven Steps to Baltiyul these are the spring formal wear dresses.All the dresses are in elegant and stylish designs some of them are in luxury category too.

Every brand that tries to enter in the market have something unique to offer that’s why this is the formal luxury collection.Morri Formal Wear Spring Collection have all the dress types you need to wear in the spring special events.Its not easy to enter in the market and get famous but public reaction to Morri Formal Wear Spring Collection was quite over whelming.

Morri formal luxury wear

Pakistani women loves to wear these types of dresses on the parties and all other special events.Most of the dress types in Morri Formal Wear Spring Collection are floor length with embroidered lace work that is the main focus of this collection.

Other dress types are open jacket lace embroidered dress,open jacket silver embroidery with tights,short jacket type with tights some other dresses with cigarette pants.All the unique type of designs in embroidery and lace work are the part of this beautiful luxury collection that you can wear in the spring season.

Formal wear by morri

At there are lots of luxury formal collections now you can search for them from the above search bar by typing the luxury term in it.Most of the luxury dresses are for the wedding parties and wedding events.

But you can wear them where ever you want to like you have some family gathering to attend or a dinner event all the dress types presented in Morri Formal Wear Spring Collection are best for these situations.

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Morri Formal Wear Spring Collection Pix Gallery


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